2010 IIHF Hockey Development Camp – Players

2010 IIHF Hockey Development Camp
Vierumaki, Finland
3rd – 11th July, 2010

Having received more information on the 2010 IIHF Hockey Development Camp, the IIHA are now ready to accept applications from female players born in 1993 & 1994 who would like to participate in the camp.

The IIHA would like for any players interested to please submit their application to office@iiha.org no later than 11:00 pm on Thursday, 3rd June, 2010.

Applications should be accompanied by the player’s name, age, date of birth, address, position, contact details, the reason why you feel you should be selected as well as how you feel you can use the information you acquire at the camp when you return to Ireland to improve women’s ice hockey in Ireland in the future.

Players should also state what their current club is and for who and where they have previously played. Lastly, players should state what their future ambitions are within ice hockey.

The IIHF will be responsible for the following:
•All camp arrangements and costs including meals, accommodation, facilities, administration, operations, instructors, materials and program contents of the camp
•Ground transportation between Helsinki and Vierumaki

The IIHA will be responsible for the following:
•Selection of participants to be submitted to the IIHF
•Travel arrangements for the participants to Helsinki from Ireland and back
•The cost of the travel arrangements for the players chosen to participate in the camp

Successful players whom are chosen by the IIHA and the IIHF to participate in the camp will be responsible for the following:
•Record a daily blog of the activities in which they took part
•Upon return to Ireland, submit suggestions to the IIHA to improve the standards of women’s ice hockey in Ireland based on their experiences in Vierumaki
• Assist in the development of women’s ice hockey in Ireland once they return
•Ensure that they are free to travel on the necessary dates if selected

If you require any further information, please contact office@iiha.org. Further details about the camp can be found below and also on www.iihf.com.

“Following the 2009 IIHF Hockey Development Camp that was organized for male hockey players and leaders; in 2010 the IIHF is once again offering the Development Camp experience to female participants.

The primary purpose of the 2010 IIHF Hockey Development Camp is to operate a leadership program to educate and train the participants. This is done in order that the participating countries can upgrade and operate quality educational programs in their hockey association. Each National Association is encouraged to use the information provided during this camp to improve their development program being operated within their country. Following completion of the camp, participants must return home and share their experiences to improve existing educational programs inside their National Associations.

Further to this, the goals of the camp are to:
•Develop the partnership between the IIHF and the member national associations
•Educate the future leaders of women’s ice hockey throughout the world
•Encourage fair play and respect
•Develop and enhance the skills of women’s hockey leaders of member national associations
•Provide practical experience to representatives from member national associations
•Promote women’s ice hockey internationally
•Provide personal growth and development of all the participants
•Promote international friendships and relations
•Encourage the use of the IIHF Development Program resources by all IIHF member national associations

Ireland is one of 46 countries who has made a commitment to develop women’s ice hockey and participate in the 2010 IIHF Hockey Development Camp.

The camp is open to female players born in 1993 and 1994 selected by participating member national associations. Team coaches, team managers, equipment managers and game officials for the camp will be selected from received applications submitted by national associations.

All participants will be actively involved in the theoretical and practical sessions. There will be daily meetings, seminars and planning sessions for each of the groups, as well as ‘hands on’ participation. The entire program is designed as a comprehensive teaching/learning experience for all participants.

Once participants return to their home country, they are expected to initiate, operate or assist the development of women’s ice hockey within their own national association.
The Development Camp Program has proven to be an excellent method to educate and motivate our members to grow our sport within their boundaries!”

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.