2017/2018 Registration is now open


Membership for the 2017/18 Season is NOW Open. The IIHA use the GoMembership portal in the management and administration of its membership, courses and activities.

All registrations for the Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA) must be done through the online portal (iiha.azolve.com).

Please note, you are not a registered member of the IIHA and are not covered by IIHA insurance until your application has been accepted and approved by the IIHA Executive Committee. You can see your membership status (Awaiting Approval, Active etc.) when you log in to the portal.

Applicants are advised of the following: When registering with the IIHA you are stating that you are NOT a registered member of another National Governing Body for ice hockey (Such as Hockey Canada, Ice Hockey UK, USA Hockey, Latvian Ice Hockey Federation etc.). Members can only be registered with one National Governing Body at any one time. In processing this application you are seeking membership of the Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA).

Also, players must be registered by 5.00pm on the Wednesday prior to of any weekend ice hockey activities. Those registering after this day will not be permitted to play / train at IIHA activities.

Injuries and Incidents

IIHA members are reminded that they must report injuries and incidents in a timely fashion using the IIHA_Accident_Incident_Report _Form. Injuries must be reported on the form within 5 days.

GoMembership Profile

Members are asked to upload a passport type photograph to their GoMembership profile.

Looking forward to a great 2017/18 Season!

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