Belfast Giants v Dublin Rams

Belfast Giants v Dublin Rams
Dundonald Ice Bowl

The Dublin Rams headed up north this weekend, to take on the new look Belfast Giants in the IIHL at Dundonald Ice Bowl. Referees for this game were William Fay & Jana Gerkena, and Linesmen were Dean Kelly & Mario Nawrocki.

The game started with the Dublin Rams taking the advantage over the home team, with some nice passing from Brandon Chalazan and Aaron Cuskeran. However, the tables turned when Brent Trull got a 2 minute penalty for holding at the 2:51 mark. The Giants took control on the powerplay when they came close to the net, but failed to score, with a great save coming from the Rams goaltender, Sean Gibson. However, the Rams hit back with a bang with a nice clean hit coming from Ross O’Driscoll.

The period was being played in both ends of the ice, making each team work for the puck. However, the Rams were called for another penalty with Cliff Saunders serving a 2 minute penalty for tripping. The Rams were playing shorthanded, but it didn’t stop them from playing some hockey, with Aaron Cuskeran coming close to the net twice in a matter of 20 seconds. The Dublin Rams were in the box again when Matt Hearn was called for Elbowing but the Giants got to work on the power play once more, with some sweet passing skills and puck possession. However, they failed to score with some great defensive skills and amazing saves from the Rams goaltender. With only 6:36 left in the 1st Period both teams were playing 4 on 4 and the play was a bit more open. In Particular Arnaud Dos Santos was showing some great determination and great sportsmanship as he consistently skated hard and put the Rams under pressure. The Rams were searching for a goal with all their hard work paying off when Bred Heragthy scored a powerplay goal with 4:41 left in the period. The score at the end of the 1st period was 1-0 to Dublin Rams.

The Giants were putting severe pressure on the Rams early on in the 2nd period, having possession of the puck for almost 3 minutes in the Rams zone. It looked like the Rams were going to score when Brad Heraghty gave a clean pass to Brandon Chalazan but he failed to score. However, the Giants hit back with a couple of big hits resulting in the Rams turning the puck over in their defensive zone and the Giants claiming their first goal, with 15:09 gone in the 2nd Period. Mark Reynolds got the goal with the 2nd period ending 1-1.

The 3rd period began with hard hits and excitement buzzing around the Ice Bowl. The Rams were fired up and claimed the first goal of the 3rd period after only 0:57 into the period with Brad Heraghty getting the goal. However, the tables were turned when Ross O’ Driscoll, of the Rams, was called for a Match Penalty. This didn’t stop the Rams from looking for a goal, with some nice passing skills, speed, and heads-up play, they had the perfect opportunity for a goal, but failed to get past the Giants goaltender. Credit has to be given to both goaltenders on the night, who gave it their all. With 10:32 left in the game, the Rams defence broke down, when the Giants scored, making it 3-3. Then with less than 6 minutes to go, tensions got high in both ends of the ice with some scuffles. The Rams got really frustrated when the Giants scored with only 1:25 left in the game with Peter McCarter getting what turned out to be the winning goal. The Rams were then searching for a last minute goal, but failed to score.

The Final Score was 4 – 3 to the Belfast Giants

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