Blackrock Whalers v Drogheda Icebreakers

In the first game on Sunday evening, the Blackrock Whalers took on the Drogheda Icebreakers. The Whalers took the lead after only 0:57 of play through Mark Ockenden with Scott Chicotka picking up the assist. The Icebreakers then hounded the Whalers’ goalkeeper, Riley Gatensby, for the next seven minutes until Michal Radusovsky tied the game. However, the Whalers were quick to regain the lead through Roman Brocko. However, the lead was short lived as Franto Smisek tied the game before Radusovsky scored a brace to claim his hat-trick. This gave the Icebreakers a 4 – 2 lead heading into the 2nd period.

Smisek scored early after the break to give the Icebreakers a 5 – 2 lead. Janis Binders picked up the assist. However, Brocko scored his second of the game after going post to post once he picked up the puck from his goalkeeper, Gatensby. Unfortunately for the Whalers though, it was all one way in the 2nd period after that as Smisek and Radusovsky scored another goal each to give the Icebreakers a 7 – 3 lead after the 2nd period. This one way traffic continued in the 3rd period as the Icebreakers went on to score a further five goals to the Whalers one. Radusovsky picked up a further two while Smisek, Ivo Kirsis and Germans Petrovs all scored one each to give the Icebreakers a final tally of 12 goals. Scott Chicotka claimed the last goal for the Whalers to give the game a final score of 12 – 4.

Sun 7th Feb @ 9:45 pm: Blackrock Whalers 4 – 12 Drogheda Icebreakers
Final Score: 4 – 12 (2 – 4, 1 – 3, 1 – 5)
SOG: 17 – 28 (4 – 9, 5 – 6, 8 – 13)
PIM: 4 – 6 (2 – 2, 2 – 2, 0 – 2)
Saves: Gatensby (16/28) – Trnovec (14/17)

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