Bulls Charge Stalls

The Bulls found out the hard way today in their first ever game in European competition when they took on Mladost hockey club losing 13-4 and with a shot count of 36-31. The Bulls iced a short bench with 13 skaters and 2 goalies and its simple, you need 4 lines when you play in European games and don’t take penalties or it will cost you dear! It did today anyway. “Mladost iced a very good young team with 20 skaters, and just wore us down, after 5 mins of the first period we found ourselves down 2-0 then we pulled one back with a fine finish by Eric Hogberg. We have a 2-1 game, Mladost score on the p.p. and end the first 20 3-1 .

We rebound in the second and score quick goal – 3-2 – game on but lose 2 short handed goals 5-2.Frustration sets in and we take needless penalties and spend the next 2 minutes killing a 5 on 3 and fall further behind to them 7-2 .

For the first time in the game we have a power play and score 2 goals Eric Hogberg completing a hatrick. 7-4. Mladost turn it and fire in 3 more. 10-4.

The Bulls changed netminders for the 3rd and brought on Adam Pepper replacing Hugh Smyth. The game ended 13-4 and this has to go down as a bad night for the Bulls who hope to rebound for tomorrow’s game with the home team Novi Sad

Written by Tony

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