Concordia Stingers hit the European Trail

No games in the IIHL last weekend as the Giants were playing in the Dundalk Ice Dome and the rest of the league were resting up for up coming match-ups.

Talking about match-ups the Dundalk Bulls are certainly pushing the envelop out with future fixtures to improve their international aspirations. First up is the trip to Scotland on the Weekend of the 24/5th of November 2007.

The Bulls take on both the Scottish Under 20 team plus Solway Sharks. Two of the Morrison brothers, the Bull’s David and Mark who suites for the Giants used to suit up for the Sharks and they inform us it will be an excellent match-up.

David Morrison states,”The Sharks have strengthened their squad as the Scottish League now are allow three imports making the game quite a feisty event. On the Scottish under twenty International squad fixture, that will be a hard one to call.

The Scottish International Federation don’t play in recognized International fixtures as such but I’m sure it will be a good warm up game for both outfits”concluded David.

Next up are the CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY STINGERS who are touring the UK December 28th through Jan 8th 2008. They hope to take on six teams whilst in Europe.

Milton Keynes Lighting Dec 30th 2007 Yet to be confirmed

Dundee Stars Jan 02nd 2008 Dundee Stars

Fyfe Flyers Jan 03rd 2008 Fife Flyers

Visit Belfast and watch a Giants vs Panthers game on Jan 5th 2008

Dundalk Bulls Jan 06th 2008 Dundalk Bulls

Dundalk Bulls Jan 07th 2008 Dundalk Bulls

Reception and overnight stay at Fairways Hotel. Fair Ways

Should you know of any team interested in playing the Stingers whilst they are on their European tour please advise the writer on the following email address

Concordia are looking for a game on the 30th or 31st of December. Any interested club must be within reasonable distance from London as this is the only chance the squad will have to visit the city.

The Stingers management and coaches are looking for either Elite League tPremier or English National opposition for this date.

Kevin Figsby Head Coach of the Stingers, and Peter Bender his assistant, who played and coached in the UK will be able to provide you with more details upon request.

More Dundalk Bulls and other Irish Ice Hockey League plus Association news will follow regarding other extremely interesting fixtures and events. Watch this space

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