IIHA Advances With Society & Technology

The IIHA are pleased to bring to your attention the IIHA’s newly created Facebook page. We also wish to highlight the previously available IIHA on Twitter and also the IIHA News RSS Feeds. Each of these follows the success enjoyed by other ice hockey organisations and other sporting associations when they’ve also moved along with society and technology in a similar fashion.

To access and enjoy each of these, please follow these links:

IIHA Facebook Page:

IIHA Twitter: www.twitter.com/IIHA
IIHA News RSS Feeds: www.iiha.org/news/rss

We encourage everyone to follow and like the IIHA Facebook page and to follow the IIHA on Twitter as you will be kept up to date with all of the IIHA’s goings on if you do so. Also, www.iiha.org is the offical website of the IIHA and contains all the latest and offical news.

We also ask that the representatives of each club to pass and forward this onto your own players and members to encourage them to do the same.

Looking forward to your anticipated cooperation and seeing you all support and monitor the IIHA’s newly created Facebook page as well as the previously available IIHA on Twitter and the IIHA News RSS Feeds.

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.