IIHA Saints Day 1 in Iceland

The Under 14 IIHA Saints left Ireland early today (28 April 2016) heading for Iceland where they would play a number of games against local teams. After a very pleasant flight the Saints took their coach to their accommodation (Luxapart) which is amazing. The rooms are wonderful and have all of the amenities needed. After some calorific ingestion (Eating) the Saints headed to  the superb multi-use facility and ice rink in Egilshöllinni  to play the Björninn team.

The Saints and Björninn played a great game with lots of talent on display. Our IIHA Saints dominated well and played some very good hockey. The game ended with a fine win to the Saints and a great start to our weekend of hockey in beautiful Iceland. It was the first time the team had been together in a while and a long time since they played ice hockey on a full sized rink. The Saints then headed back to their accommodation for a good nights rest.

Roll on Day 2.

If you want to see some pics from today visit the IIHA Facebook Page or the IIHA Flickr Page.

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