IIHF Appointments for Irish Officials

The standard of officiating in Ireland will increase this year with the appointment of two of the IIHA’s officials to international competitions this season.

Elaine McCann has been selected as a linesman for the European Women Champions Cup, Group A to be held in Bolzano, Italy starting on the 29th Oct 2010. Elaine becomes the first Irish official to officiate at an IIHF tournament. She will follow in the footsteps of Jana Gerkena who was selected as a linesman for this stage of the same tournament last season.

Meanwhile, Jana Gerkena has been selected as a linesman for an IIHF tournament for the second season in a row. Jana, who was the first ever IIHA official to be selected to an IIHF tournament last season, will now be the first IIHA official to officiate at an IIHF World Championship. Jana will travel to Reykjavik, Iceland next March where she will officiate at the IIHF World Women Championship Division IV.

Elaine heads away in only a few days time and we all wish her well on her travels. This is a fantastic opportunity and no doubt that Elaine is excited as is everyone else. Although Jana does not head away until next March, she is delighted to be selected to an IIHF competition for a second season in a row.

This is not only a great opportunity for the two female officials; it is also a great boost for the IIHA and its officiating. Similarly, it is a huge boost for female ice hockey in Ireland. The IIHA’s Women’s Development Officer, Ashley Moore, had this to say on the appointments “this is a big step forward for not only female hockey players in Ireland but female athletes. This is a sign that female ice hockey is going forward and sure to be around for a long time to come.”

Make sure to check back with www.iiha.org in the near future as the IIHA’s Editor, Martin Grant, will most certainly catch up with both officials in the hope that they share their experiences for all to enjoy.

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