IIHF Ice Hockey Coaching Conference

IIHF International Ice Hockey Coaching Conference
Cologne, Germany
May 14th – 16th, 2010-02-26

During the 2010 World Ice Hockey Championships in Germany, the IIHF will be hosting the IIHF International Coaching Symposium in Cologne from the 14 – 16 May 2010. At this year’s Symposium the IIHF will focus their presentations on the integration of the young player into the professional game. The three aspects that will be discussed are: Physical, Mental, and Technical Skills.

In the last few years the game of ice hockey, as well as other team sports, has become much faster. With the new rule interpretation, the importance of skill has become much more important. Not only has the level of skill improved, but also the speed at which it is needed. Players, coaches and conditioning coaches are always looking for ways to improve the athletic development of themselves and their athletes. We will combine scientific research with the experience of top trainers, to find the best ways to train our athlete’s injury free.

We will hear what skills the young players need to “bring with them” or develop in order to be successful at the professional level. These skills will be broken down into “offensive” and “defensive” skills and how they occur in the different areas of the ice surface.

When the young player enters the professional game, he is required to play at a much higher level both physically and mentally; for some, it will be the first time that they will earn money by playing hockey. For others, it may be the first time that they really must compete to earn a position on a team. We will discuss the major challenges for these young players entering the professional game, how we can best prepare them, and techniques to help the young players become successful.

For each subject we will have a presenter from North America and Europe. The game of ice hockey has, over the years, become much more globalized. However, there are still a number of differences between the professional leagues in North America and Europe. Our Presenters will talk about the similarities and differences in ice hockey between these two continents.

On the Friday and Saturday in the foyer of the Sport University, we will be hosting an Exhibitors Trade Fair. This will give the coaches the opportunity to see and experience the latest in technology and products in and around the world of ice hockey. It will also give the coaches a chance to meet coaches from other countries.

We have tried to make this Conference as reasonable as possible. The accommodation will be in the Coaches Academy, which is within 5 minutes walking distance to the lecture hall (Sport University). From the Sport University, there runs of Tram directly to the Ice Hockey Arena. For those who wish to be in the heart of Cologne, we have also reserved rooms at the Hotel Ibis. From the Hotel, you can take a train to the Sport University.

The registration fee includes: 2 nights’ accommodation, breakfast, lunch, tickets to 5 games on Fr./Sa./Su. (game tickets are valid for the tram and subway), presentation materials, binder, T-shirt, hat, carrying case and a DVD from all the presentations during the Conference. All lectures will be held in English.

If you would be interested in attending this conference, you should follow this link http://www.iihf.com/channels10/iihf-world-championship-wc10/home/iihf-events/coaching-conference.html and follow the information that is available. Further details are also available at this link including course details and planned timetable. The deadline for registering and paying for the conference yourself is Sunday, 28th February, 2010.

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