IIHL Charity Game

One of the most prestigious projects of the IIHF 100th anniversary is the Global Charity Game. The leap day Friday, February 29th in 2008, will be dedicated to international ice hockey and shall be utilised to raise money worldwide for a good cause and support an organization that helps the less fortunate individuals of the world. The national top league of every participating country will dedicate one playing round around this special day in 2008 to IIHF Global Charity Game.

On March 1, 2008 the IIHL has two regularly scheduled games. All goals that are scored during the course of these two games will be totalled and then a numerical amount based on the number of goals will be donated by the IIHA or a sponsor to a charity of the IIHF’s choosing. Captains of all six teams will be wearing a special commemorative jersey commissioned in those team’s colours and will be worn for the game.

On March 2, 2008 the Flyers Ice Hockey Club will play a non-contact game under Development League rules against a team comprised Development League All stars from each of the 9 B-League teams. Goals scored in this game will also count towards the charity total

After the game the jerseys will become property of the team. The clubs will have the option to auction, raffle, or sell the jersey and raise money for a good cause like Junior Development, Women’s Hockey, or the Club’s Junior Development.

IIHL Games Selected

March 1, 2008
4:30pm Belfast Bruins vs. Dublin Rams
8:00pm Dundalk Bulls vs. Latvian Hawks

March 2, 2008
Time to be announced – Flyers Ice Hockey Club vs. IIHL Development Division All-Stars

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.