IIHL & IIHL RD – Weekend Preview

IIHL Recreational Division – Dundalk Bulls v Hawks B
This weekend, there is both IIHL & IIHL RD action, and kick starting the weekend off is the Dundalk Bulls ‘B’ team v Hawks ‘B’ team on Saturday night at 8:45 pm. This will be the first time these two teams have met through the season so far, and it should be an interesting game, as both teams seem to be at the same level of playing skills as each other. The Bulls ‘B’ sit joint 1st with the Icebreakers ’1’ in the standings, with 8 games played, and 21 points earned. While The Hawks ‘B’ sit 5th in the standings, with 6 games played and 17 points earned. Recently the Bulls ‘B’ oldest players, Liam Burke and Derek Tuite have all scored goals, and you have to give them credit after all they have only been playing hockey for a short period of time, and them legs get tired at there age! So it’s heating up in the IIHL RD as the Bulls ‘B’ fight for the top sport this weekend, while the Hawks will be in sight of a playoff spot. So that’s the Bulls ‘B’ v Hawks ‘B’ this Saturday at 8:45 pm @ the Dundalk Ice Dome

IIHL Recreational Division – Dublin Wolves v Kilkenny City Storm
The Dublin Wolves take on the Kilkenny City Strom this Sunday in Dundalk. This will be the first time these two teams have met throughout the season. Going back to last season, these two teams were the ‘big boys’ of the IIHL RD, but this year the Icebreakers ‘1’ have knocked both of them down ladder. The Wolves send out a real development squad to each match, and every player gets there fair share of ice time, which is vital to the development of ice hockey in Ireland. The Wolves currently sit 11th in the standings, with 8 games played and 10 points earned. Kilkenny are 8th in the standings, with 6 games played and 13 points earned. So why don’t you head down to the rink to watch some hockey, and remember admission is FREE!!

IIHL – Dublin Rams v Dublin Wolves
So the ‘Dubs’ are coming to town this weekend, after a nice calm relaxing drive on the M1, and their next stop is the Dundalk Ice Dome, where things will start to heat up, as the only IIHL match of the weekend is this one. The Rams are going into the game with their heads held high, after a win against the Flyers last weekend, with a final score line of 3-2 in favour of the Rams. This will be the Rams final games on the normal season, and with the playoffs sights ahead for them, they will be looking to end the season with as much points as they can get. The Wolves have not got a successful track record in the IIHL, and it is sure too be a tough battle for them this weekend. So why don’t you head down to the Dundalk Ice Dome this Sunday @ 7:15 pm for some Irish Ice Hockey League action.

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