IIHL RD & IIHL DD Playoffs

The IIHA are pleased to announce that the IIHL Recreational Division and IIHL Development Division Playoffs will commence this weekend starting on Saturday 10th April and Sunday 11th April. The playoffs will continue onto and finish on the following weekend of Saturday April 17th and Sunday April 18th.

The standard playoff system of the top 4 teams in each division will be used and they will go into semi-finals, a 3rd/4th place game and then a final over two weekends as follows:

Saturday April 10th (IIHL DD Semi-Finals)
@ 8:00 pm: 1st v 4th {DD1}
@ 9:15 pm: 2nd v 3rd {DD2}

Sunday April 11th (IIHL RD Semi-Finals)
@ 8:30 pm: 1st v 4th {RD1}
@ 9:45 pm: 2nd v 3rd {RD2}

Saturday 17th April (Bronze Medal Games)
@ 8:00 pm: Loser of DD1 v Loser of DD2 (IIHL DD 3rd/4th Place Playoff) {DD3}
@ 9:15 pm: Loser of RD1 v Loser of RD2 (IIHL RD 3rd/4th Place Playoff) {RD3}

Sunday 18th April (Finals)
@ 8:30 pm: Winner of DD1 v Winner of DD2 (IIHL DD Final)
@ 9:45 pm: Winner of RD1 v Winner of RD2 (IIHL RD Final)

Please pay attention to www.iiha.org and www.stats.iiha.org over the next few days as we will be releasing more information about the Playoffs themselves and team and individual awards as well as the End of Season Awards night.

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.