Ireland in Luxembourg – Day 2

Wednesday 14th April

(from Kockelsheuer)

WOW!!! Ireland 6 – 4 Luxembourg

It’s funny what a year in hockey can do. This time last year Luxembourg spanked Ireland eight goals to three and now we go out and beat them 6 – 4! But let me tell you, Luxembourg scared the @#!$ out of us in the 3rd period but we had the bottle to hold on!

The day started of fairly standard with everyone up early for breakfast followed by an hour and fifteen minutes training session. This was followed by lunch and then a nice siesta for everyone! After that, it was a quick team meeting and the trip to the rink so the team could start to prepare for the big game.

It was an excellent game and the team played really well. The great team spirit of this bunch of players shone through and it was clear that they were all in this together. The start of the second period was unbelievable and it got the adrenaline pumping. The team looked organised and well drilled under the excellent coaching of Jim Tibbetts and Kenny Redmond.

After the game, the guys were given a bit longer to compose themselves before they had to catch the bus and return to the hotel. It was long after eleven o’clock when the bus did get back to the hotel and the guys got stuck into there dinner. It was well deserved for them. Afterwards they were straight to bed as it is an even bigger day ahead tomorrow.

Greece is tomorrow and our quest for gold continues as we March towards Paris!!!

Check out later tonight for a full game report and tomorrow for more of my blog with the behind the scenes info on the team…

Tony Griffin (General Manager)

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