Ireland in Luxembourg – Day 3

Thursday 15th April

(from Kockelsheuer)

The guys were given a little lie in this morning after a late game that left most of them in need of a recharge. The coaches decided to cancel the practice session in order to rest the legs.

After breakfast, Rob brought the guys for a light walk and jog around the surrounding forest which was followed by some stretching to help the guys loosen up. This was followed by a quick team meeting and then some lunch. Afterwards, they had a siesta before the big game.

The coach ride to the rink was tense as the guys all knew what was at stake. More importantly, they knew what they had to do and were focused on the task at hand. With one win under their belt, they knew a win would guarantee a Silver Medal but would be one step closer to the Gold that they wanted.

We all thought that this was the fight to take Paris but it turned out to be the Battle of the Bulge!!! It was a tight affair but the boys in green completed their mission with a 3-1 win over the Greeks.

After the game, the boys all headed back to the hotel to load up on carbs and recharge their batteries. They have a practice in the morning followed by a much deserved rest day. On Saturday, Ireland face United Arab Emirates and they will be looking to make it three wins from three games.

The boats have been burned so there’s no going back now…

Tony Griffin (General Manager)

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