Ireland in Luxembourg – Day 4

Friday 16th April

(from Kockelsheuer)

The players got a well deserved rest today with no games on! Although, they still woke up early to have breakfast followed by the official team photo and a practice session. However, everyone had a skip in their step as they woke up to the news that UAE had lost to Luxembourg which meant that Ireland won its first ever gold medal. What a feeling!!!

After the practice, everyone had a bit of lunch before we headed off to a World War II cemetery and museum. It was nice for everyone to get out in the sun and it also gave everyone a chance to get some photographs taken. On the way back to the hotel, we drove through the city and this gave everyone a chance to see the city of Luxembourg for the first time. It is actually quite breathtaking how the city and the entire country has been built upon large hills and mountains.

Once back at the hotel, the guys all had dinner followed by some “bowling” in the hotel before everyone hit the bed early. Even though gold is a lock, the coaches and all of the players want to finish this tournament with a 100 percent record. This means taking UAE very serious as they are dangerous. They can skate very well and have a number of stand out players so we will not be taking them lightly.

Tomorrow will be our day…

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