Ireland in Turkey – Day 8

Friday 13th March

One day melts into the other around here. I mean with breakfast, coffee, and sitting around here discussing the previous day’s antics and deciding just what to tell you guys at home. Well, let’s talk about the weather!!! Today is lovely; blue sky, really bright and sunny but the thaw is still on. The forecast is for snow tonight. A surprise package arrived that put a huge smile on the face of William “The Turk” Fay!!!

The boys went training early this morning again and we made the most of the day lounging around. The game was a later faceoff so we had more time to just chill out. Eventually we headed down to the rink where we got VIP treatment. Centre ice!!! After Jason’s little episode yesterday, we were delighted to see him taking up another pastime. Unfortunately, we did not capture this on video but just ask him about his Turkish dance steps when he gets home!!! He has now been promoted to “Chief of Diplomatic Relations” over here. Watch this space…

The game was another roller coaster of emotion. This is not good for anyone’s general health! The game was much closer than Monday’s game and as before, I’m sure you guys have seen the stats. There was a fair crowd but nothing compared to the masses of Monday! While we were waiting for our chariot to arrive, we asked the girls who were dressed in traditional dress to pose for a photograph. Sorry, they were in traditional dress to present the player of the game awards. Now, under normal circumstances when you ask someone to pose for a photo, they have a habit of disappearing. Not here! They not only posed, they then got their friends and posed again and then they got a local scout group to pose also! A bunch of posers if you ask me! The entire group would have posed all night but we had to go.

We headed back to the hotel for the rest of the evening for the après match. We retired late into the night just as the weather man got it right and the snow started to fall again…

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