Ireland in Vierumaki – Day 1

Saturday, 2nd July 2011

Today, we had a very early start as we had to be in the airport for 4:00 am!!!! The new Terminal 2 is pretty cool though and the travel was long but it was a good laugh as there were a few of us going together.

After a short stop-over in Copenhagen, we arrived in Helsinki just after 1:00 pm. We were greeted by someone from the IIHF who helped us load everything onto the bus that was waiting for us. We were then on the road to Vierumaki and it was a long bus journey! But the sun was out and it was a warm day in Finland so it wasn’t too bad.

When we arrived, we got our registration and rooms sorted before going to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, we were all divided into our teams for some team building activities.

Tomorrow, things really kick off as we’re on the ice…

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