Ireland in Vierumaki – Day 2

Sunday, 3rd July 2011

Today we got up at 7:00 am to get our breakfast which consisted of fruit, bread, cheese etc…there was a wide selection!

Next, my team had to meet our coaches in our locker room to get ready for off-ice training. We jogged around the track a couple of times which is just outside the rink to get warmed up. We did some stretches and different exercises just to get ready before the ice. An hour later we went back inside to our locker room to get ready for on-ice practice; our gear was laid out like the players in the NHL thanks to our equipment manager. Our green jerseys hanging on everyone’s shelf made us feel very special.

Our coach came in and showed us what drills we would be doing on the ice and ran through some rules for when we were on the ice. Today we trained with Team Yellow and later on we found out we would be playing them in the afternoon! As we were walking through the corridor to get onto the ice, all the lights went as there was a power cut in all of Vierumaki!

We trained for about 20 minutes before our coaches took us off the ice because they felt it was too dangerous to continue without lights! So instead, we got changed in the dark before going outside to play some football for a good while. Afterwards, we met as a team outside the dining area at 1:00 pm so we could get some lunch. Afterwards, we had some free time to ourselves with most people sitting in the lobby area on the Internet or having a wander around this enormous campus!

We had to meet again in our locker room to get ready to warm up for our game. This time, there was thunder and lightning so we headed over the to “The Bubble” which is a big hall with a running track and lots of courts to play a variety of sports. Then it was back to the rink for our first game of the week against Team Yellow. We came out victorious winning with a score of 5 – 3. Immediately after the game, we went outside to warm down by running around the track and stretching our muscles.

We then got ready for dinner with us again meeting outside the dinning area as a team before going in. The food tonight was really lovely; it was a choice of curry or pasta!

After dinner, we had some free time so I met up with Sean and we went onto the Internet for a bit before walking around the campus.

Vierumaki Times Day 1 (3rd July 2011) –

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