Ireland in Vierumaki – Day 3

Monday, 4th July 2011

Today my team and I got up at 7:00am with our two net minders waking us up as it was their job for the team. Every day we meet down in front of the dining area so we can go in and get breakfast as a team. Again the food consisted of fruit, bread and a lot of other stuff! It tasted great as always.

We were told to meet in our locker room for 9:00 am to get ready for a warm up because we were on the ice this morning training with Team 7, “The Teal Team”. We jogged around the track just in front of the rink three times and did a lot of stretches with one of our coaches who is from Serbia.

We had 25 minutes to get ready for on-ice practice. Our coach from Sweden came in and showed us some drills we would be doing on the ice, he drew them up on the board so it was easy to understand. We left the locker room followed by the “Teal” team to head for the ice. We practiced hard doing lots of drills for about an hour and at the end we played a little scrimmage; 3 on 3 at both ends of the ice against the other team.

Next, it was off-ice practice which today was more fun. They gave us each a wooden stickhandling ball and we did a lot of stickhandling out on the track. After about 30 minutes we headed up to the shooting range which was very enjoyable. At 1:00 pm we met again for lunch which as usual was very nice. Straight after we walked over to the “bubble” for a team meeting.

Yesterday we were given a task to pair up with someone and find out five facts about them. I paired up with my roommate Vasil from Bulgaria. At this team meeting we had to stand up in our pairs and tell the team the facts you learned about your friend!

Later that evening we took to the ice again to play the team we trained with earlier in the day and it was a very exciting game. It ended up 4 – 4 so the rules say that if it is a draw, three players from each team take a penalty shot each. The “Teal” team came out victorious this time. We then did our warm down after the game and showered.

At 7:00 pm we ate dinner in the dining room and had free time all night, which we all enjoyed!

Vierumaki Times Day 2 (4th July 2011) –

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