Ireland in Vierumaki – Day 5

Wednesday, 6th July 2011

Today was a very good day here in Finland. We got up as usual at 7:30 am and got ready for breakfast. Everyday it’s the same food!!!

After that we headed to the rink and we were then introduced to three Finish National Team players who were part of the Finland team that beat Sweden in the final of the IIHF World Championships just a few weeks ago. They talked to us for a few minutes in our locker room about hockey and we had the chance to ask them questions. They were very interesting and it was great to hear what they had to say.

Today on the ice we were paired with the Maroon team (Rob’s team) for the skills challenge which was very enjoyable. We went around to four stations and we were timed. It was hard work but good fun. Today we didn’t have a cool down because we had to get lunch and head to Helsinki straight away; there was no time to relax!

The bus ride to Helsinki was two hours and when we got to the City we had an hour and a half to look around the place. It was interesting to see the capital city of Finland, it was a great experience. Our next stop was to a theme park on the outskirts of the city where we had 2 hours to go on some rides. Our coaches gave us 2 free tickets each so we could save some of our money which was great. The parks rides were fast and exhilarating!

When we arrived back to Viermaku we went straight to camp for dinner which was lovely.

We had free time after that so I went up too Sean’s room and we went down to the lake. When we got there we met Mark, Sonya and Jamie who were all swimming and jumping off the diving boards which was very enjoyable.

Vierumaki Times Day 4 (6th July 2011) –

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