Irish Ice Hockey League Recreational Division Update

The IIHL RD is starting in just over a week, and although we have had a very short period of time to put the league together this year things are looking good.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the teams for their help, their understanding and their pro-active attitude over the past few weeks.

We had twelve teams register their interest in playing in the league when we held a meeting in Dundalk three weeks ago and there has been another team to show interest in the past few days. The exact number of teams can only be made official on Monday the 5th of October after the final registration date and those who showed interest have followed that interest up with team payments and deposits.

The league at the moment is set up to accommodate twelve teams. The teams will be divided into two Conferences, that’s six teams in each conference (As noted above this may change depending on the total number of teams) .

Within each conference teams will play each other twice. We hope to have this stage of the season complete before the new year.

Returning in January the top three teams from each conference will form the IIHL RD 1 league while the remaining teams will form the IIHL RD 2 league. The teams will then battle it out to become Champions of their respective league. The process will see all teams playing each team in their league twice.

Play Off’s have yet to be discussed and as I am only here for the interim of 60 days and my remit was to get the league up and running I am Not at liberty to plan that far ahead.

So guys and girls don’t forget the final date for team registration is this Sunday the 4th of October so please ensure your registration forms are fully complete with passport photos and that your team official’s have all your documents and payments ready to go. Please note cash is not accepted.

Looking forward to seeing everyone playing their first games on a Sunday in Dundalk and a Monday in Charlestown and don’t forget to tell your family and friends to come along and shout for your team, get it on your facebook and bebo, the more the merrier.

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.