National Team Arrival Information

Both the Women’s and U18’s Irish National Teams return to Ireland this weekend after their 2011 IIHF World Championships in Bulgaria and Mexico respectively.

For anyone interested in greeting either team home after hard fought tournaments, the details are as follows:

Women’s Irish National Team
The Women’s team return to Ireland via Budapest on Sunday evening and land in Dublin Airport at 9:20 pm.***

U18 Irish National Team
The U18 Irish National Team have a longer journey ahead of them as they leave Mexico City on Sunday evening and head to Amsterdam. However, they won’t touch down in Amsterdam until Monday afternoon. This means they don’t arrive back in Ireland until Monday evening when they will land in Dublin Airport at 5:55 pm.

Come along and welcome home two teams that have done us all proud!!!

***The team’s flight has been delayed by an hour and they are now due back at 10:00 pm. A further change in the flight means that it is now due at 9:30 pm.

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