New Executive Committee Members Appointed

The IIHA are pleased to announce that Gary Harvey and Will Fitzgerald have been appointed to the positions of Treasurer and Director of Player Operations on the IIHA Executive Committee, respectively.

No applications were received for either position prior to the IIHA’s AGM in August and the positions remained vacant following the AGM. However, both individuals expressed their interest in the positions on the day of the AGM and it was agreed that the Executive Committee would co-opt individuals into the positions following the AGM.

Over the past week, the Executive Committee has been able to formally co-opt both individuals into the positions and they have each attended their first meeting with the IIHA’s Executive Committee and Directors. The Executive Committee and Directors unanimously supported the appointments once clarification regarding the process was received from the IIHA’s solicitor. Both individuals will serve in the positions until the IIHA’s next AGM in 2012.

Both Gary and Will have stated that they are looking forward to working with the IIHA throughout the season ahead while the current Executive Committee and Directors have all stated that they will fully support them in their positions.

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.