Presidents Report IIHA AGM 2011

Dear Members,

This last year has been 1 of the hardest years the Association has faced with no ice rink located in Ireland available to IIHA members to use and leaving everyone no choice but to travel to Belfast to avail of the use of both Dundonald Ice Bowl and also the Odyssey Arena.

As President of the IIHA I would like to thank every IIHA member, our volunteers and also parents of younger players for their continued support of the sport we all love and also the Irish Ice Hockey Association. I would very much like to also thank IHUK, Odyssey Arena and Mr. Todd Kelman, Dundonald Ice Bowl and Mr. Mark Kane.

The IIHA’s National Teams were faced with very difficult preparations for their respective IIHF World Championships due to the continued closure of the Dundalk Ice Dome, on behalf of the IIHA executive and directors we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all National Team players, managers, head coaches and team staff.

I am very happy and proud to confirm to everyone that two of the IIHA’s On-Ice Officials, Ms. Jana Gerkena and Ms. Elaine McCann were each allocated by the IIHF Officiating Manager Mr. Konstantin Komissarov IIHF competitions to officiate in, being the Women’s Continental Cup and also the IIHF Women’s World Championships Div 3.

The IIHA is committed to ensuring the re-opening of the Dundalk Ice Dome and to date we have had numerous contact with the Landlord of the facility and also the Minister for the Department of Sport to see if the Department can assist in anyway possible, I can confirm the work continues and negotiations are on going and the IIHA will inform members and players of any new developments.

The IIHA has received funding from the OCI for its National Teams and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the OCI for this donation, also thanks has to go out to the IIHA members and volunteers who helped the IIHA raise funds through numerous fund-raising activities and a thank you to all the venues for allowing the IIHA the use of their facilities.

This AGM of the IIHA is a special year due to it being the 1st AGM after incorporation of the IIHA into a company and the main function of this, is that the IIHA itself and its members are now protected under Irish company law. The details of the IIHA as a company are available from the company registrations office in Dublin and also on the CRO website, the IIHA wishes to thank Mr. John Hogan of Leman solicitors for ensuring that the IIHA was incorporated.

The IIHA is now encouraging its members and teams to take up the sport of in-line due to the continued closure of the Dundalk Ice Dome and we are in the process of setting up an in-line league, I can confirm that the IIHA executive are in talks with Mr. Jason Tessier of IHI and we hope to be in a position where the IIHA and IHI are working together on any such in-line league. I am very happy to confirm to all IIHA members that the IIHA has applied to the IIHF to enter an Irish Senior Men’s In-Line Team, where confirmation of acceptance from the IIHF has been received and the IIHA will soon be advertising for General Manager and Head Coach positions and also holding National team try-outs for players.

Sadly I have been asked to mention by Mrs. Moira Lynn ( former IIHA executive member ) that her son Sean has been diagnosed with cancer and herself and her family are trying to secure funding to pay towards sending Sean to the U.S for special treatment, the IIHA is looking towards running a fund-raiser night for Sean and we will keep everyone updated on this very important matter.

This year the IIHA seen the resignation of two of its executive committee members Mr. Wayne Hopkins ( Director of Playing Operations ) and Mr. Jonathan Dunne ( IIHA Treasurer ), I would like to express my sincere thanks to both Wayne and Jonathan and I wish them and their families the best of luck in the future.

This concludes my report.

Kind Regards,

William Fay,

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.