Showing Support to The Saints – Dalton’s Chancellor’s Mills

With the Irish Ice Hockey Associations’ (IIHA) Under 12 Junior Development Team, The Saints, all ready to travel to Korea this coming Sunday. The IIHA want to express its deepest gratitude to a number of our sponsors.

In the lead up to our Saints departure, the IIHA will be proudly thanking those who have joined the IIHA and supported the Saints through sponsorship. The IIHA receives no funding from any source and the trip has been self-funded with players, teams, families and thankfully sponsors getting involved.

It’s never too late to show your support and if you would consider sponsoring IIHA teams and our development please contact the Association by email (

First Up – Dalton’s Chancellor’s Mills in Kilkenny

Dalton’s Chancellor’s Mills is a family run business, located just outside Kilkenny City on the Freshford Road. They are a leading grain and agricultural merchant, based in Kilkenny, with a branch in Cullahill, Co. Tipperary. For over 150 years the company has been providing quality products for the local farming communities.

Their History

Established in 1870 by John Dalton, the mill was located, first on the banks of the River Nore, in the shadow of Green’s Bridge and now at Chancellor’s Mills, Freshford Road, Kilkenny. The mill in Vicar Street was run by water and had no electricity only gas. John’s son Billy took over the business in the 1948 and recalls that “at that time we were milling for farmers who would bring in a bag of wheat and a bag of oats and we would make a bag of oatmeal for them and charge a commission on each bag”. In the fifties the business offered a range of feed for cattle, pigs and chickens.

Through the last four decades Billy and his sons have continued to invest in the facility in Kilkenny and today offer their customers a wide range of services from general hardware through veterinary products and high quality animal feeds. Today the company is run by members of the Dalton family along with a group of professional sales and administration personnel ensuring that Daltons continue to offer superb service to our customers.

Visit their website HERE.

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