The IIHL/IIHLDD is back !!

We are delighted to inform you that negotiations concluded 16/09/08 with Dundalk Ice Dome on the pricing structure for next season.

Agreement has been reached to our mutual satisfaction on the following terms

* – On weekends where there are no Celtic Cup games one IIHL and one IIHLDD game will be played each Saturday and each Sunday.
* – On weekends where there are Celtic Cup games one IIHL game will be played each day.
* – There will be no charge to enter when IIHLDD games are played, and, there is no reason why such games can not be scheduled in practice times should the need arise.
* – Belfast Giants (IIHL) and Belfast Bruins home games will be played at the Dundonald Ice Bowl on Sunday evenings. IIHL on-ice officials will take charge and the home team will provide off-ice staff.

In all honesty, we must commend the Dome on their attitude during these discussions and we hope it can be the start of a much more harmonious relationship between the Dome and IIHA in the future.

Now, the challenge goes out to YOU, the teams ,to get your paperwork together as swiftly as possible to get this show on the ice. The Executive have set Oct. 4th/5th as our opening weekend for both IIHL and IIHLDD with games at 17:30 and 19:15 on Saturday and 15:15 and 16:45 the following day. In both cases the Development Division game will be played first.

We will continue with these arrangements until Oct 25 when the first Celtic Cup/IIHL double header will take place. IIHL games will face off at 15:45 and 14:00 on Sat/Sun. respectively.

We await final confirmation from two IIHL teams before a Fixture list can be published but whether it is a five or seven team IIHL and a twelve or fourteen team IIHLDD the news is that Season Two has been secured, ladies and gentlemen, Make Sure You Are A Part Of It !!!

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.