Time for Irish Players to step up a grade

It seems that the Belfast Bruins are the big losers this week with the loss of both their former Giant defensemen of Rob Stewart plus Shane Johnson.

The big plus for Ireland and the IIHA is Rob Stewart thinks their could be room on his team for a few Irish players but only after he has couple or more games to do a SWAT analyses in the Raiders.

Giants go short bench again this weekend with yet more injuries. Isn’t it time for another Irish player to make the big step up and earn the grade with the Belfast squad.

It seems the Giants are still deterring over bring back Shane Johnson to the Giants squad. However they will have to wait another weekend because Shane signed a five game contract with the Devils, which only expires next week.

Does Shane continue in the Elite League or go back with to the Bruins as player coach. Now that’s a no brainier. Now on the other loss to the Bruins Rob Stewart

Rob from the prairies of western Canada, who has spent seventeen years in the Uk plying his trade, now takes up the reigns again at Romford. Having cut his teeth with the Raiders from 1900 to 1994 Rob knows the City well.

Rob played with his friend and former coach Dave Whistle at Bracknell and then Belfast where Rob turn player to coach for one season. Stewart also had a shot at coaching the Steelers for one campaign but no one gave him the time to develop his own team

Talking to Rob on his appointment where he stated” I’m looking forward to going back to Romford where I spent many happy days in North East London. When you have been around hockey for seventeen years it feels like yet another new challenge to begin coaching again.

I like the city and have good friends in the area. I ran hockey schools for four summers there and it is certainly a hot bed of the sport of Ice Hockey. Over the next few weeks I hope to assess the team and look to make changes where possible.

Don’t rule out a few new names of Irish origin being part of my plans if possible. There are more than a few Irish players that would suit Romford and my style of hockey. Don’t expect miracles but over the course of the season I think I can turn things around.

My coaching will definitely be from the bench as my playing days hopefully are now just history.” Concluded Rob.

Here is one excellent Canadian that deserves a multi-year contract as he has given so much to the UK ice hockey scene and has lots more to offer and achieve.

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