Vierumaki – Day 2

Sunday 5th July

It was another early start today as I was up at 7:00 am with my first class starting at 8:30 am. In the classroom we prepared a training session for children. Then two hours later we were on the ice to put into practice the lesson plan we discussed in the classroom. Lunch was at 12 noon and then at 1:00 pm it was back to the rink for an hour in the changing room. Here we went through what productive games we would play with the children before going back onto the ice to play and practice them! Following a short break we were back into the classroom at 4:00 pm to analyse and discuss what, but more importantly, why we played these specific games. We took a short 15 minute break to rest the brains before going through everything about goalies. We went through everything – their gear, stance, movement – the list is endless!

Our final task of the evening was to create a session plan for 65 children who would arrive on Monday! We were put into groups of eight and had until 7:30 pm to finalise this. Tough going but we look forward to putting it into practice tomorrow! The night wasn’t over though as at 9:00 pm there was an official opening ceremony for the camp followed by dinner and for me it was straight to bed. I was “EXHAUSTED!!!”

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