Vierumaki – Day 6

Thursday 9th July

The usual this morning with a 7:00 am start for breakfast. “Oh my God!” The rain that is falling this morning is like nothing I’ve seen before!!! We were in the classroom for 8:30 am soaking wet for more presentations and to be honest they were more or less the same things. However, this time they showed us some video clips to go along with the lesson. It was great and there were a lot of funny clips to keep us amused I suppose.

We were on the ice at 10:30 am again but this time there were no skating drills. It was all games – soccer on the ice, hockey with a ball and no stick and you could only touch it with your hands! “My back aches!” We also played one touch hockey, baseball but with stick and puck, tennis and lots more…

At 12:00 noon we had a quick lunch before the 60 odd children were back at 12:45 pm. So we had to do the whole pre-warm up and changing room thing as well as the stats for the on ice session again! We were back to the classroom for 4:00 pm to discuss motivations and developments in skill growth for the session. We also watched a few more video clips of co-ordination training both on and off the ice.

We’ve just finished in the classroom now and its 5:30 pm and we were told that we are going to a sauna and barbecue for food and some refreshing drinks and I don’t mean cold water!!!! I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow…

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