Vierumaki – Day 7

Friday 10th July

Today was the last day of what I would call hockey heaven and last night was no exception. We were brought into the woods late last night to a large log cabin by a lake. Remember its 24/7 daylight! In the cabin there was a huge sauna, bar and a barbecue. So the routine was to sit in the sauna for as long as possible, then run straight to the lake just outside and jump in! This had to be done 3 times before we were allowed any food or drink! But it was so relaxing and when we were finished the cycle we felt so refreshed and ready for the “refreshments” !!!!

Anyway, that was last night but guess what time I started at today!!??!! Yes, 7:30 am for breakfast and then it was to class. The topic today was promotion of the Learn To Play programme and promoting ice hockey itself. Everyone had to discuss to their own group and then to the whole class what they would do to promote ice hockey in their cities and countries. We all had to write our ideas on a huge whiteboard and by the end of it there were 30 ideas of promotion. Some were crazy but some were pretty good.

After the class, we went to the rink for our last practice on the ice and then to lunch before we headed back to the rink for our last coaching session with the 60 children. Shooting was the theme of today’s practice and it was good fun. Of course, after the on ice session we went back to the classroom to talk about that session. We also had to organise a tournament for all the children tomorrow which we were fully responsible for! Not me though, I wouldn’t be there as I’m flying home tomorrow!

At 7:00 pm we headed off to the cabin again for a farewell party so I’ll let you know tomorrow how that went especially since there’s no 7:00 am start for me tomorrow! Nice one!!!

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