Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 2)

Day 2 – Sunday, 4th July 2010

We were up nice and early at 6.30am for breakfast. We were the 1st group on the ice each day, before any of the teams, so we headed down to the rink to warm up at 7.30am and be on the ice for 8am.

Unfortunately as my gear/bag had not arrived I couldn’t take part on the on-ice session.
The on-ice session involved, forward skating, backward skating, signals (arm-up/washout), puck drops and some hard skating.

Then we headed up to the ‘bubble’ for our 1st day in the class;
We spoke about our goals – Improve our skills
Evaluate our performances
How to use IIHF tools and materials
Finding new names for future tournaments
Making new friends

We also discussed and watched a video about “Officiating standards” and what is needed in the female game.

We discussed penalty assessment, what we felt were penalties and what were not, also about being alert for any pulls and tugs in games.
We went through all the calls and what decisions should be made, and then went outside to the lovely sunshine for some penalty demos.

We discussed in depth – ‘Women’s body checking’, whether there were accidental or intentional hits, intent to play the puck or play the body, players stepping into oncoming players, being illegal to skate through or over a player, fighting for the puck, levels of contact and how it must not escalate.

The game protocol was explained to us and what they wanted from us during the games we were officiating at the camp.

We spoke about our ‘Career path program’ , how they monitor the progress of everyone involved, preparing development for high and lower levels, and about how they make nominations fair and consistent to all involved.

We then quickly looked through the off ice officials handbook before we got ready for the games later that day.

Later that day the games were held, the 1st game, and then the 2nd two games were held at the same time in the 2 ice surfaces.

That night we had the opening ceremony down by the lake in the marquee. We had several guest speakers, including the IIHF president and vice president. When all the teams headed back up towards the rooms, we stayed behind and had the pleasure of meeting the IIHF President Mr Rene Fasel.

Thankfully our bags arrived late that night 🙂

We confirm that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland.