Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 3)

Day 3 – Monday, 5th July 2010

Early start again, to be on the ice all warmed up for 8am. Our on-ice session consisted of; wave offs, direct offside calls, calling offside, goalie stopping play, dropping the puck some hard skating and then a game of handball on-ice.

Then we headed to the ‘bubble’ for our 2nd day in the class; We had a quick run through the Officiating procedures manual, the new 2010-2014 rule book, and the case book. We checked to see were all the documents we could need would be. We also looked through the game officials hand book, which has things like the nomination process and what to do before you travel and at the event.

The referees remained inside to practice referees procedures, but luckily we (the linesmen) went outside again to the glorious sunshine to do our linesmen procedures. Some of the linesmen procedures were; when the goalie stops play, both linesmen go in quickly, then the closer person picks the puck up and the second stays between the players and goes back towards the benches with the players. Not skating behind the net after marking off sides – go direct because it is quicker – working the line and penalty shot procedure.

When we went back inside it was explained to us why game and officiating supervision is necessary. My favourite line to come from that session was “YOU NEVER GET A CHANCE TO MAKE A 1ST IMPRSESSION.” We spoke about acceptance and successfulness of officiating games, like being decisive, your mechanics and procedures, how you cope under pressure, making ‘tough calls’, good appearance, people skills, taking charge, body language, mannerisms and maturity.

Also we spoke about what makes an official and what would be on your check list, some include; body language, consistency, respect, choosing your words carefully, admitting when your wrong, every game is as important as the next, accept teaching, listen and learn, ask for help, read rule book regularly, do not even up games, respecting your part of the game.

Lastly, I was on the ice for a game tonight and had my 1st supervision assessment.

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