Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 4)

Day 4 – Tuesday, 6th July 2010

We started off today with our warm up BUT this time it was conducted by Danielle Goyette. Danielle who won Olympic gold twice as well as 7 gold medals in the world championships for Canada, fairly put us through our paces.

Danielle took our ice session as well; it really was amazing to have this opportunity. She thought us how to skate properly using the flat of our blades, proper stance, using the inside and outside of our blades while skating and took each of us one by one to help us and to show us what we could improve on and what to do. I didn’t want to leave the ice.

Again we finished our ice session off with a game of hand ball, which, as everyday passed seemed to be getting more and more competitive and rough Then we headed all tired after our good ice session to the 3rd day in the class. In teams of 3 we got together and discussed different game procedures and presented them to the rest of the class and supervisors.

These were:
•Line changing procedure
•Assessing penalties
•Disputed goal
•Calling delayed penalties
•Penalty shot procedure
•Writing a game report (which was mine)

We also discussed altercations and whether it was verbal, direct or whether to stand back and also about equipment measurement. We spoke about situations were the linesman CAN stop play, which include, net out of position, offside, icings, high-sticking, injury, hand pass, puck out of field, interference with fans, wrong face-off.

We then again in groups of 3 discussed linesmen duties:
•Pre-game / between periods / after-game
•Face off procedure encroachment
•Were face off are taken !!!
•Off sides and positioning
•Icing and positioning

Tonight I had my second game which went well and even managed to go to a penalty shootout which we thought would never end!!!

That night we (the officials) got to go down to the sauna and the lake, 2 of the girls Senowva and Katie, took up the courage to jump off the 10ft diving board. We then headed up to the hotel and gathered together to watch the world cup game…

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