Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 5)

Day 5 – Wednesday, 7th July 2010

Wednesday was technically our day-off but we had to get up even earlier!!!!!!

We were up and about very early so we could get all the team and group photos taken on the ice. If I remember right we were on the ice at 7am getting the photos taken, so had to be at the rink at 6.45am.

Afterwards we headed up to the hotel for breakfast, although at this stage everyone was worried because we had been told we had a test before we headed off to Helsinki at 12. We knew the teams were having skills tests so we were wondering what was in store for us!

We met with Jacqui outside the ‘Bubble’ but to our utmost delight we were then told we were playing some Frisbee golf. We had seen the baskets when we were out for our little walks but for most of us we had never seen or played the game before so it was very good.

We just had to avoid the people and the trees, and at one point we had to avoid the red team who were having some lessons in stick handling and shooting just to the side of where our basket/target was. Although according to Jacqui, if we hit one of their coaches we got 100 points, so it was tempting!!!

When the game finished, everyone rounded up and we counted our scores. In 1st place was Jacqui with the help of Jukka (one of the coaches) who had clearly played ALOT before, and in 2nd was us, Myself ,Martha (Poland) and Genevieve (Canada).

After that we headed off to Helsinki with our tour guide Jukka. We had a bus tour round the city and stopped in the city centre to explore. We headed to the market and then through the city for a walk towards a lovely big shopping centre, to everyone’s delight.

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