Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 6)

Day 6 – Thursday, 8th July 2010

Much to our delight as you can imagine, we had some skating tests on ice today, so we had a very good warm up outside, using all the helpful hints we had been given earlier in the week. The tests today were 40m forward, 40m backward and the pylon test. More tests tomorrow…

Back to the ‘Bubble’ again for our 4th day in the class; we discussed working with media, how to use it as a good tool to communicate, about spectators, and about openness and having nothing to hide. After games the referee should be available to talk but not a press conference, but the referee should be allowed to cool down and shower first.

We spoke about qualities of an official including, skating, rules, positioning, body image, fitness, confidence, understanding of the game, behaviour, teamwork, signals, self control. Also how you need to practice well and hard, learn all the time, take responsibility for your actions, have discussions with more experienced persons.

We spoke about how to communicate; whether verbally or non verbally, like using your body language, facial expressions, gestures, physical appearance. When speaking with the coach; go to the bench on your own terms and not when waved to, be on the same level as the coach. We then had a guest speaker/doctor in to talk to us about fitness and nutrition.

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