Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience (Day 7)

Day 7 – Friday, 9th July 2010

We had more of the skating tests today. We did the figure -8 and GPS/4-man test. Again we warmed up very well before hand and had a good cool down afterwards.

Once we had finished up there, it was to the ‘Bubble’ again for our 5th day in the class; we went through the changes to the rule book as it just changed over to the new 2010-2014 version. We also went through coincidental penalties in depth, trying out loads of different ways it could happen and what to do.

We also discussed mental training – preparing for the game and the concentration that is needed for the game. We also talk about being in control – preparing, fitness, presentation, tone of your whistle. We even discussed steering your mind – breathing, listening to music, progressive muscle relaxation training. The last topic area was relaxation- imagination, self-coaching and positive thinking.

Later that evening, I had my 3rd game…

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