Vierumaki – The Official’s Experience

Last July, the IIHA sent 2 players, 1 coach, 1 official and our Women’s Development Officer to Vierumaki, Finland for the 2010 IIHF Women’s Hockey Development Camp. This was the first time that the IIHA sent more than three people and we hope to continue this in 2011 when the camp caters for boys.

While at the camp, the players (Cherise McCaughley and Clara O’Reilly) experienced world class coaching and had an opportunity to play with the best players from all over the world. The coach, Vytautas Lukosevicius of the Dundalk Bulls Ladies, learned the most modern coaching techniques from Canada’s Danielle Goyette as he looked after Team Blue for the week. The IIHA’s Women’s Development Officer, Ashley Moore, attended the Women’s Leadership Seminar which discussed all the different aspects of the women’s game. Ashley now brings back all the different ideas and programmes used to develop the game all throughout the world.

While one of the IIHA’s up and coming on ice officials, Elaine McCann, was put through her paces as she learned what it is that the world’s top officials do to make it to the top and stay there. Below Elaine gives a day by day account of her experiences at the camp in her blog ”Vierumaki – The Officials’ Experience.” You can follow Elaine’s blog every day here on over the next week.

Day 1 – Saturday, 3rd July 2010
(Arrival Day)

We arrived safe and well in Vierumaki after our long flights, were we were met at the airport by the IIHF staff, which was very willing to help us out with our lost luggage. Unfortunately it didn’t have a safe journey like we had. As soon as a few other flights arrived in, we headed off to the bus to take us to the camp.

As we all arrived we were given our name tags and room keys. Then when all the officials received our tags and keys we were brought over to where our classroom was to be given our tracksuits, t-shirts, base ball cap and computer bag. We then dropped our stuff in our rooms and went to the dining room to eat.

After dinner, we (the officials) had our 1st meeting down in the ‘Bubble’, as it is called were our classroom sessions were held. There we met up with all of our instructors and with one another. We all discussed about what we wanted to get out of the camp, and got to know one another, and were we were all from.

After our session, we all headed off as a group to wander around the area to see what we could find and see. Then as most of us had a long trip over we headed to bed nice and early.

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