What A Night!!!

The IIHA recently held its Annual Awards & Presentation Night at the Fairways Hotel, Dublin Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth on Friday, 7th May.

The main awards which were presented on the night were the league trophies and medals to the IIHL Recreational Division and IIHL Development Division winners along with the trophies and medals for both sets of playoffs. Several individual awards for both leagues were handed out on the night including top goal scorer as well as some presentations to volunteers.

On top of all this, the IIHA were pleased to hand out the inaugural Young Irish Player of the Year and the Senior Irish Player of the Year awards.

A great night was had by all and following all the presentations and some finger food, everyone hit the dance floor!

The full list of awards and presentations handed out on the night were:

IIHL RD – League Winners: Hawks B (trophy & medals)
IIHL RD Playoffs – 1st Place: Drogheda Icebreakers (trophy & medals)
IIHL RD Playoffs – 2nd Place: Hawks B (medals)
IIHL RD Playoffs – 3rd Place: Blackhawks (medals)

IIHL RD Top Goal Scorer:
IIHL RD Top Point Scorer:
IIHL RD Best Forward: Harry Maharaj (Whalers)
IIHL RD Best Defenseman: Frantisek Smisek (Drogheda Icebreakers)
IIHL RD Best Goalkeeper: Miceál O’Neill (Whalers)
IIHL RD MVP: Ryan Duffy (Dundalk Bulls)

IIHL DD – League Winners: Flyers IHC (trophy & medals)
IIHL DD Playoffs – 1st Place: Raiders IHC (trophy & medals)
IIHL DD Playoffs – 2nd Place: Flyers IHC (medals)
IIHL DD Playoffs – 3rd Place: Belfast Ice Vixens (medals)

IIHL DD Top Goal Scorer:
IIHL DD Top Point Scorer:
IIHL DD Best Forward:
IIHL DD Best Defenseman: Gabriela Vlasankova (Cubs)
IIHL DD Goalkeeper: Rebekah Burke (Cubs)

VOLUNTEERS (replica national team jersey presented to individuals who don’t play but give up their time for the running of the leagues)
Andrew Flood
Julie-Ann Hamill
Martin Grant
Aidan McCann
Jim Pepper

Young Irish Player of the Year: Ryan Duffy
Senior Irish Player of the Year: Dean Kelly

Photographs courtesy of www.derektuitephotography.ie

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