Women in Norrkoping – Day 2

Wednesday 2nd September

A bit of a struggle to drag ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn (6.30 Swedish Time/5.30 Irish Time), all were present and correct (except Kit and Anne, who slept it and missed out on breakfast-guilty as charged).We got ourselves back to the rink for another day-no major injuries other than some cases of sunburn here and there (yes … red-heads beware) and a few aching muscles, but Eva was on hand to sort those out.

In the afternoon we took to the soccer field for off-ice, running through positional plays and strategies. Afterwards we had some quality Team-Time, playing pictionary on a giant whiteboard. Things got quite competitive as Kate-Mo and Jade put us all to shame with their shocking ability to decipher random badly drawn pictures.

In the evening we watched the local team play against Huddinge (a team that once visited Dundalk). The locals showed us how it was done and beat the visitors 4-1. Our good friend Jonathon Ericsson (who some of us met last year in Sweden) from the Detroit Wings came to say hello and signed autographs for us. A short walk home from the rink in the rain reminded us of Ireland and what we’re missing out on back home! Pretty tired after a long day, it was early to bed for most of us.

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